Set Menus

Let Us Feed You

  • $59

    Chef’s Tapas Grazing Menu

    Example Menu:
    Ginger Prawn Dumplings
    Duck Croquettes
    Peking Duck Crepes
    Poached Chilli Soy Dumplings
    Meat Pie Dumplings
    Char-sui BBQ Pork Bao
    Wagyu Cheeseburger Dumplings
    Pork Shui Mai

    Twice Cooked Lamb Ribs
    Shared Dessert Plate including our Chocolate Won Tons, Macaron, & Lemon Lime Baked Cheesecake

    Minimum 2 persons

    Upgrade to Premium Selection for $10 per person

    Example Premium Selection Upgrades:
    Xiao Long Bao Soup Dumplings
    Salt & Pepper Squid
    Blue Swimmer Crab Dumplings
    Upgraded Dessert to our Indulgence Dessert Platter – includes above dessert plus Our Signature Bombe Alaska,

  • $55

    Feedme Set Menu 18/11/-22/11

    • 4 course - $55

    Experience Cantonese Fusion at its best!

    Our Most Popular Menu

    Can’t Decide
    Let us serve you 4 courses of our fusion chefs selection at Sun Wah

    Its all about sharing and enjoying the experience whilst
    tasting different fusion dishes

    our chef will select 4 courses of 2 starters, 2 mains and a side
    You can add dessert to the menu for an extra $8 per person
    duck & pork croquettes
    chilli-soy pork dumplings
    peking duck crepes
    char-sui bbq pork bao
    twice cooked lamb ribs
    sizzling fire spices beef
    salt & pepper calamari
    special fried rice
    local curry greens w. toasted cashews
    dry fried spicy green beans w. chilli & garlic
    sweet stuff
    dessert of the day or cheese platter to share
    * vegetarian or gluten free menu option available



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A La Carte

Dim Sum & Dumplings

  • $16

    Wagyu Cheeseburger Dumplings

    our crispy fried dumpling filled with wagyu beef mince M5+ w. onions, cheese, tomato sauce

  • $22

    Lobster Hargow Dumplings

    a twist on the standard hargow filled w. minced prawn and lobster chunks wrapped in rice ravoli served w. our xo pipette syringe.

  • $10

    Crispy Fried Wontons

    wontons filled with minced berkshire pork crispy fried and served w. sweet n sour

  • $8

    Panfried Shanghai Dumplings

    panfried pork gyoza dumplings served w. red vinegar

  • $13

    Steam Prawn Dumplings

    in rice flour ravioli coated in olive oil (g)

  • $10

    Chilli-Soy Dumplings

    poached pork dumplings in our chilli-anise soy dressing

  • $9

    Vegetarian Dumplings

    steamed in rice flour ravioli (g)

  • $11

    Soup Dumplings (Xiao Lao Bao)

    our dumplings filled w. pork and soup. so juicy!

  • $7

    Pork Shui Mai

    home made pork dim sum

  • $15

    Ginger Prawn Dumplings

    chopped prawns w. prawn meat & ginger wrapped in steamed dim sum pastry


  • $12

    Rendang Beef Curry Puff

    our curry puff filled w. wagyu beef mince cooked in our spicy rendang curry w. potatoes and onions (3 pc)

  • $12

    Chicken Satays (g)

    chicken skewers w. peanut satay sauce (2)

  • $13

    BBQ Pork Bao

    authentic chinese style bbq char-sui pork in a bao slider w. pickles, cucumber, plum sauces (2pc)

  • $17

    Ginger Pear Scallops

    w. crispy pork belly golden pearl sago, ginger pear puree (g)

  • $7

    Spring Rolls

    w. rice noodles, sweet n sour (v)

  • $16

    Duck & Pork Croquettes

    served w. black truffle mayo (4pc)

  • $11

    Wagyu Beef San Choi Bow

    minced wagyu beef M5+ w. beanshoots, peppers, onions, carrots (g)

  • $17

    Peking Duck

    steam chinese crepes, cucumber, pickles, hoi sin sauce (2pc)

Larger Dishes

  • $27

    Sizzling Fire Spices Beef

    hopkins river skirt beef w. snowpeas, peppers, chillies

  • $33

    Salt & Pepper King Prawns & Squid

    tempura of king prawns and squid wok tossed with chilli salt & peppers w. fried rice noodles

  • $24

    Coconut Curry Spiced Chicken

    w. chilli, snowpeas, spinach leaves (g)

  • $36

    Sizzling Deep of the Sea

    stir fried king prawns, scallops, snowpeas, chilli, garlic (g)

  • $27

    Crackling Pork Belly

    w. beanshoot pickle salad, sweet plum sauce

  • $28

    Char-Sui BBQ Pork Loin

    oven cooked in our five spice, honey barbequed, plum sauce w. appleslaw (g)

  • $38

    Sher Wagyu Farm Grass Fed Eye Fillet

    sher waygu farm grass fed eye fillet w. snowpeas, babycorn, mushrooms, terriyaki jus

  • $70

    Roast Peking Duck

    12 pieces specially prepared duckling wrapped in pancakes w. pickles, cucumber, hoi sin

    precarved and silver served when preordered 24 hrs in advance.70

Old Time Favourites

  • $23–$36

    Honey Chicken or King Prawns

    • Chicken - $23
    • Prawns - $36

    deep fried, wok tossed in our honey sauce topped w. sesame seeds

  • $25

    Alberts Old School Sweet N Sour Pork

    our 80s recipe of pork in batter w. pineapple, peppers, onions

The Green Stuff

  • $18

    Mixed Greens with Shitake

    stir fried mix chinese greens w. chinese shitake mushrooms (g)

  • $20

    Curry of Local Greens

    stir fried local greens in a coconut curry w. toasted cashews (g)

  • $11–$18

    Dry Fried Spicy Green Beans

    • side - $11
    • large - $18

    served w. chilli and garlic (g)

  • $23

    Tempura of Cauliflower

    w. asian appleslaw and dry fried spicy green beans


  • $14–$18

    Special Fried Rice

    • small - $14
    • large - $18

    char-sui bbq pork, egg, peas, shallots, shrimps

  • $3

    Steam Rice

    per person

  • $14–$18

    Vegetarian Fried Rice

    • small - $14
    • large - $18

    egg, mushrooms, babycorn, shallots, water chestnuts

  • $18

    Chicken Fried Rice

    chicken, egg, peas, shallots

Sweet Stuff

  • $13

    Gaytime Fried Icecream

    our gaytime honeycomb icecream coated in buttermilk sponge and served with butterscotch sauce

  • $18–$25

    Cheese Platter from Boatshed Cheese

    • 2 cheeses - $18
    • 3 cheeses - $25

    selection of cheeses from boatshed cheese served with crackers and quince paste

  • $17

    Bombe Alaska

    coconut, raspberry, italian meringue, flamed orange liquer

  • $34

    Signature Indulgence Dessert Platter

    bombe alaska, lime coconut cheesecake, chocolate won tons, salted caramel parfait, honeycomb spears passionfruit mousse, mandarin macaron, icecream/sorbets

  • $12

    Chocolate Wontons

    stewed cinnamon apple, raspberry sorbet

  • $9.5

    Banana Fritter

    our version with housemade butterscotch sauce, vanilla bean icecream


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