Set Menus

Let Us Feed You

  • $59

    Chef’s Tapas Grazing Menu

    Example Menu:
    Ginger Pear Scallops
    Duck Croquettes
    Peking Duck Crepes
    Poached Chilli Soy Dumplings
    Mud Crab Soft Shell Brioche Roll
    Char-sui BBQ Pork Bun Sliders
    Blue Swimmer Crab Dumplings with Yarra Valley Caivar
    Prawn Money Parcels

    Ginger Prawn Dumplings
    Pork Shui Mai
    Shared Dessert Plate including our Chocolate Won Tons, Macaron, Icecream/Sorbets & Lime Coconut Cheesecake

    Minimum 2 persons

    Upgrade to Premium Selection for $10 per person

    Example Premium Selection Upgrades:
    Soup Dumplings (Xiao Long Bao)
    Salt & Pepper Squid
    Caramelised Eggplant
    Upgraded Dessert to our Indulgence Dessert Platter – includes above dessert plus Our Signature Bombe Alaska, Coconut Cheesecake, Passionfruit Mousse, House-made Honeycomb, Icecream/Sorbets

  • $58–$70

    Feedme Set Menu

    • 5 course - $58
    • 7 course - $70

    Experience Cantonese Fusion at its best!

    Our Most Popular Menu

    Can’t Decide

    Let us serve you our fusion signature specials at Sun Wah


    Its all about sharing and enjoying the experience whilst

    tasting different fusion dishes

    Choose from a 5 course or 7 course menu option

    add optional matching wines $45 or $60 respectively


    * vegetarian or gluten free menu option available




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A La Carte

Dim Sum & Dumplings

  • $12

    Wagyu Cheeseburger Dumplings

    our crispy fried dumpling filled with wagyu beef mince M5+ w. onions, cheese, tomato sauce

  • $8

    Panfried Shanghai Dumplings

    panfried pork gyoza dumplings served w. red vinegar

  • $12

    Steam Prawn Dumplings

    in rice flour ravioli coated in olive oil (g)

  • $10

    Chilli-Soy Dumplings

    poached pork dumplings in our chilli-anise soy dressing

  • $10

    Exotic Mushroom Dumplings

    diced trio of mushroom wrapped in dim sum pastry steamed and served w. chilli jam (v)

  • $9

    Vegetarian Dumplings

    steamed in rice flour ravioli (g)

  • $9.5

    Soup Dumplings (Xiao Lao Bao)

    our dumplings filled w. pork and soup. so juicy!

  • $18

    Blue Swimmer Crab Dumplings

    blue swimmer crab wrapped in rice flour ravoli served w. yarra valley salmon caviar in a clear consomme (g)

  • $7

    Pork Shui Mai

    home made pork dim sum

  • $12

    Ginger Prawn Dumplings

    chopped prawns w. prawn meat & ginger wrapped in steamed dim sum pastry


  • $13

    Salmon Nori Taco

    nori shaped taco filled w. sticky rice, kale and salmon w. black truffle mayo

  • $16

    Firecracker Chilli Prawns

    king prawns wok tossed w. chilli, snowpeas, onions  (g)

  • $7

    Spring Rolls

    w. rice noodles, sweet n sour (v)

  • $11

    Wagyu Beef San Choi Bow

    minced wagyu beef M5+ w. beanshoots, peppers, onions, carrots (g)

  • $17

    Ginger Pear Scallops

    w. crispy pork belly golden pearl sago, ginger pear puree (g)

  • $14

    Salt & Pepper Squid

    wok tossed w. dried chillies

  • $13

    BBQ Pork Bao

    authentic chinese style bbq char-sui pork in a bao slider w. pickles, cucumber, plum sauces (2pc)

  • $14

    Peking Duck Crepes

    steam chinese crepes, cucumber, pickles, hoi sin sauce (2pc)

  • $16

    Twice Cooked Lamb Ribs

    marinated and braised in our asian schuian five spices w. chilli jam and coriander

  • $14

    S.F.C (sunwah fried chicken)

    crispy fried chicken wok tossed with chilli salt (4pc)

  • $16

    Duck & Pork Croquettes

    served w. black truffle mayo (4pc)

  • $12

    Prawn Money Parcels

    w. vermicelli, chilli, garlic served w. sweet n sour (3pc)

  • $15

    Otway Crackling Pork Belly

    chinese style roasted pork belly w. pickle salad and plum sauce (g)

  • $14

    Caramelised Eggplant

    deep fried eggplant wok tossed in caramelised sauce topped w. sesame seeds (v)

Larger Dishes

  • $27

    Sweet Sticky Crispy Sesame Beef

    crispy beef coated in a caramelised sweet & sticky sauce topped w. sesame seeds

  • $32

    Tamarind Chilli Crispy Barramundi

    deep fried barramundi fillet wok tossed in our tamarind, garlic, chilli & soy jus

  • $30

    Caramelised Mastertock Lamb Ribs

    twice cooked lamb ribs braised in masterstock and then deep fried, wok tossed and caramelised in our sweet xo spices

  • $32

    XO Spiced Roast Duck

    chinese style roast duck in a fermented xo chilli, caramelised eggplant kaarage

  • $27

    Caramelised Pork Belly

    w. beanshoot pickle salad, chilli caramel

  • $38

    Honey Glazed Char-Sui BBQ Pork Loin

    slow cooked in our five spice, honey barbequed, plum sauces, dry fried spicy green beans (g)

  • $24

    Coconut Curry Spiced Chicken

    w. chilli, snowpeas, spinach leaves (g)

  • $27

    Sizzling Fire Spices Beef

    hopkins river skirt beef w. snowpeas, peppers, chillies

  • $38

    Hopkins River Grass Fed Eye Fillet

    hopkins river farm grass fed eye fillet w. snowpeas, babycorn, mushrooms, terriyaki jus

  • $33

    Salt & Pepper King Prawns & Squid

    tempura of king prawns and squid wok tossed with chilli salt & peppers w. fried rice noodles

  • $68

    Peking Duck

    12 pieces specially prepared duckling wrapped in pancakes w. pickles, cucumber, hoi sin

  • $36

    Sizzling Deep of the Sea

    stir fried king prawns, scallops, snowpeas, chilli, garlic (g)

Old Time Favourites

  • $30

    Cantonese Fillet Steak

    fillet steak wok tossed w. snowpeas and broccoli in our cantonese sauce

  • $23


    stir fried chicken w. mixed greens and toasted cashews

  • $23–$36

    Honey Chicken or King Prawns

    • Chicken - $23
    • Prawns - $36

    deep fried, wok tossed in our honey sauce topped w. sesame seeds

  • $25

    Alberts Old School Sweet N Sour Pork

    our 80s recipe of pork in batter w. pineapple, peppers, onions

The Green Stuff

  • $18

    Mixed Greens with Shitake

    stir fried mix chinese greens w. chinese shitake mushrooms (g)

  • $20

    Curry of Local Greens

    stir fried local greens in a coconut curry w. toasted cashews (g)

  • $11–$18

    Dry Fried Spicy Green Beans

    • side - $11
    • large - $18

    served w. chilli and garlic (g)

  • $23

    Tempura of Cauliflower

    w. asian appleslaw and dry fried spicy green beans


  • $12–$16

    Special Fried Rice

    • small - $12
    • large - $16

    char-sui bbq pork, egg, peas, shallots, shrimps

  • $3

    Steam Rice

    per person

  • $12–$16

    Vegetarian Fried Rice

    • small - $12
    • large - $16

    egg, mushrooms, babycorn, shallots, water chestnuts

  • $16

    Chicken Fried Rice

    chicken, egg, peas, shallots

Sweet Stuff

  • $14

    Vegan Chocolate Delice

    our eggfree and diary free chocolate mousse w. a dark chocolate ganache served w. mango sorbet

  • $13

    Baileys Fried Icecream

    our baileys icecream coated in buttermilk sponge and served with butterscotch sauce

  • $17

    Bombe Alaska

    coconut, raspberry, italian meringue, flamed orange liquer

  • $34

    Signature Indulgence Dessert Platter

    bombe alaska, lime coconut cheesecake, chocolate won tons, salted caramel parfait, honeycomb spears passionfruit mousse, mandarin macaron, icecream/sorbets

  • $12

    Chocolate Wontons

    stewed cinnamon apple, raspberry sorbet

  • $18

    Molten Chocolate Sphere

    passionfruit mousse, honeycomb spears, berries


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